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Expected employment and professional opportunities

Sustainability is currently a topic of great interest to institutions, policymakers and regulators and one that has a considerable impact on markets, intermediaries and businesses. In-depth study and research on the topic as part of the doctoral programme enables graduates, first and foremost, to exercise the skills acquired to pursue a university career, where the acquired theoretical-critical thinking and scientific research skills may be applied to teaching and research. In addition, the programme directs efforts  to the training and professional retraining of highly qualified scientific figures with the necessary skills to work in research centres and institutions, both national and international, public administrations and innovative businesses.

In particular, the acquisition of advanced analytical, research, interpretation and management skills opens employment opportunities in the areas of institutional and economic governance, consultancy, social research, business networks, as well as within public administrations, European and international institutions, government organizations, public and private entities and third sector entities. Another possible opportunity is the performance of highly qualified professional and research activities in sectors pertaining to financial-insurance, environmental protection and enhancement, and social and territorial policies.

Ultimately, graduates of the doctoral programme, dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of sustainability, will have acquired strongly integrated, transversal and multidisciplinary knowledge that they can apply to the scientific and critical analysis of issues pertaining to sustainable development, and in general to the challenges posed by an environmentally and socially conscious economy. Thanks to the skills acquired, graduates will be able to hold senior or prominent positions in the professional and/or scientific world, both public and private.