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Consistency with the objectives of the NRPP

The “Law and Management of Sustainability - LaMaS” doctoral programme is fully consistent with the goals of the NRRP. Sustainability, as the focus of the planned training and research path, is fully in keeping with the plan's lines of investment. We refer to the goals and investment lines included in Mission 2 of the Plan, called "Green Revolution and Ecological Transition." This mission focuses on the major themes of sustainable agriculture, circular economy, energy transition, sustainable mobility, the energy efficiency of buildings, water resources and pollution in order to improve the sustainability of the economic system and ensure an equitable and inclusive transition to a society with no environmental impact. Compliance with this mission is corroborated by the fact that one of the doctoral fellowships is provided by the National Agritech Centre - one of the five National Centres funded by the NRRP under Mission 4 "Education and Research": "From Research to Business" - and deals with sustainability in the agribusiness sector.

In addition, establishment of the doctoral programme fits well within the objectives set forth in Mission 4, Action 1 ("Strengthening the supply of education services: from kindergartens to universities"). With reference to Investment 3.4 " Teaching and advanced university competences" and sub-measure T1 "Assignment of new three-year positions to students in doctoral programmes dedicated to digital and green transformation", and with regard to Investment 4.1 "Increase in the number of doctoral research programmes and innovative doctoral programmes for public administration and cultural heritage", this mission will promote professional development in education, strengthen research and technology transfer, and qualify and innovate university and doctoral programmes through three strategic objectives: digitization, "culture of innovation" and internationalization. This aims to increase the pool of human capital engaged in research-oriented activities within the context of public administration and cultural heritage.