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Gabriella Gimigliano


Ricercatore Senior


Corso di Diritto Antitrust

Il corso di diritto antitrust si terrà con cadenza settimanale (il mercoledì dalle 8.30 alle 10.00) In dipartimento.

Per informazioni sul corso e sul programma per non-corsisti, si consiglia di contattare Il docente al seguente indirizzo: gabriella.gimigliano@unisi.it




Programme A analyses the European Union framework for businesses. The course will be based on a series of papers and essays, freely downloadable from this website.

Programme B takes on an international and comparative approach to corporate governance. It is based upon the following textbook, Anatomy of Corporate Law. You can easily buy this book online (please, buy last edition of the book!).

Business law class will be based on Programme A.

Business Law Exam: Whatever the course programme you choose, the business law exam is organized in the following way: 1) business law exam is always a written exam; 2) business law test is made up of 3 questions and you can pass the exam giving three out of three correct answers. However, the questions have different degrees of difficulty (easy, medium and difficult) and, consequently, you can have different scores according to which the type of question you answer better. When you answer the questions posed, (i) your answer must be consistent with the question, (ii) your answer should make cross-references among different study materials, (iii) your answer must be coherently structured: this means that the answer is easy to understand because its parts are connected in a clear and reasonable way. More is long and detailed, more your answer is well-graded.

During the exam, you cannot use any study materials, documents, the Internet, class notes or slide presentations.

Mid-Terms: During business law course there will be three mid-terms. They will be based on programme A and all students – both attending and not-attending students - will be able entitled to do them. Mid-terms may help you to check how our study is going on. In addition, if you pass all mid-terms, you will enjoy a final mid-term grade and may keep it safe throughout the academic year, from January to November 2018. Actually, you may decide either to use the final mid-term grade as exam grade or to do the exam during the regular sessions trying to improve this grade. If you officially accept mid-term grade, you cannot change your mind any longer.

The first two mid-terms are written exams made up of two parts: the first part is formed by questions with multiple choices and the second part is formed by questions with open answers. The third mid-term is a ten-minutes, group-based, oral presentation; each group is formed by two people.


1st Mid-Term: 10th November 2017, 12.00 - 14.00 (Room 5)

2nd Mid-Term: 1st December 2017, 12.00 (Room 2)

3rd Mid-Term: between 11 and 16 December


For further information, please email to Dr Gimigliano: gabriella.gimigliano@unisi.it

Or stop by the office (in the mid-floor, room n. 45) during the office time. During the course, the office time is on Wednesdays, from 6.00 to 7.30 p.m.